David Pugh

David is the son of Guppo the clown and was born with sawdust in his shoes. This was never better illustrated than by his several-year tour with professional circuses after graduating from the Wenatchee Youth Circus.

David visited the northwest last year with his daughter Sarah for several shows and was in outstanding form on the Flying Trapeze in practice. I guess the saying is really true about being just like "riding a bike"; once you learn it, it's as easy as riding a bike, but it sure doesn't look easy.

The circus loved the Dave Pugh family visit and was treated to his wonderfully experienced instruction on the fly. Sarah superbly entertained the audiences with her playful clown antics.

"May all your days be circus days"! Good day and God Bless!

"Flyaway" at 59 years old - Wenatchee Youth Circus Lot 2011 (filmed by daughter Sarah)

 "Full Twist" at 55 years old on Trampoline at the Wenatchee Lot - Walla Walla Park 2007 (filmed by Daughter Sarah)

First trick for mom & dad -  Wenatchee 1955

Guppo & Davo - Prince George, B.C. 1960

 Guppo & Davo PR shot - 1961

The Alpenrose Dairy Spartan - Rose Parade, 1962

Guppo & Davo PR shot - 1963

Fly Dismount - 1965

Double back somersault - Alpenrose Dairy, Portland 1970

Last over tumbling Pyramid - 1970


Trampoline - 1970

Fly act with Ricky Swindell - Bremerton 1970