You can join the Wenatchee Youth Circus! Simply download the forms on this website and come to a practice.


From January 31 through February, practices are 12 - 3 on Saturdays at Orchard Middle School.

We set up the best toys in town on Saturday, March 7th. All performers should mark their calendars to spend the day setting up our lot for spring practices.  We will have our potluck and general meeting once our equipment is up. Our performers love to get on our fly, high wire, trapezes, and spinning Spanish webs -- and you will, too.  

Click here for our calendar:

Anyone can join the Wenatchee Youth Circus -- how high you fly is up to you.  Come join the circus!

Every summer this amazing traveling show comes to lots throughout the Great Northwest.

For kids -- this is an opportunity to learn aerial arts, wire and fire acts, flying trapeze, acting, singing, clowning and so much more. For under $50 per year for the average family, your kids can develop an amazing variety of skillsets.

For parents -- this is like free mini-vacations all over the state of Washington all summer long. Join us on any trips you can; bring a tent or an RV; we will feed your family for the weekend and provide the place for you to camp; you can help us with the show and your kids get a chance to perform.

For families with several kids -- all practices and performances are in the same place, even if you have little and big kids.  We will find roles for little kids in show and help the older ones to shine.  

Come Join the Circus!

Remember...You can always get the sawdust out of your shoes, but you can never get it out of your blood. May all your days be circus days. Good Day and God Bless!


2014 Group Picture 1000 Trails Plain May 25, 2014



60th Reunion Picture on the Wenatchee Lot July 21, 2012


Practice & Show Schedule

Winter Practice Begins Jan 3rd!

McKenzie's article for Circus4Youth about Tony Steele
Tony Steele Flys into the Wenatchee Youth Circus 2013

Tony Steele Videos
Videos of Tony Steele at the Apple Blossom Parade

Tony Steele Picture Album
Tony Steele's first picture album in Wenatchee

Hall-of-Famer, Tony Steele, is coming to town
March 31, 2013 - Famed trapeze artist, "Tony Steele", will be here in May to help the WYC Flyers

The Beautiful Sarah Pugh!
February 19, 2013 - Our Circus World has lost a most dear friend, the Beautiful Sarah Pugh.

Wenatchee Youth Circus 60th Season - "Night of Reminiscence" at the Museum
Hot off the press - Admission is now FREE! for this once in a lifetime "NIGHT OF REMINISCENCE".

Alumni Event info - at the Wenatchee Show - Tuesday July 24th
Click on this link to get all the details...

The Parade was a circus success!!!
See photos by pressing "Apple Blossom Parade '12" STAR BUTTON on the right of the screen Navigation Section

Clowns, including Alumni, go to Triangle @ 7am Sat. for make-up
Every circus performer must be dressed & ready by 8:30am

The Circus is "ON PARADE" in 2012 Apple Blossom Grand Parade!
Come see the Wenatchee Youth Circus in the 2012 Apple Blossom Grand Parade, Saturday May 5th

Thank you to West Coast Wire
Donation of new High Wire line and support cables.

Thank You to the Community Foundation of North Central Washington
Grant awarded for $2,500

Thank You to North Central Washington Foundation for Youth
Grant Awarded for $1,000

Open Letter to Season 59ers
Open letter from Dave Pugh


1962 thru 1972 - Dana, Steve, Doug, Cindy and Patti

David Pugh submits 1962 Seattle World's Fair Wenatchee Youth Circus memories for Channel 9
When Seattle Invented the Future: The 1962 World's Fair

Guppo Blog #2 - The One-Legged High Wire Walker
Guppo tells the story of a truly inspirational performer

Guppo Blog #1 - How he learned his clown make-up
Guppo learned from Eddy Dullem in Clyde Beatty Railroad Circus, Mosco ID

Paul K. Pugh is Guppo the Clown
Guppo & Wenatchee Youth Circus